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This training aims to introduce the participants to Radioanalytical Chemistry, a field belonging simultaneously to analytical chemistry and applied radiochemistry that is concerned primarily with the use of radionuclides and ionising radiation for analytical purposes. Participation in this course is a logical choice for (but not limited to) graduates of the CINCH Hands-on Training in Nuclear Chemistry who want to deepen their knowledge of applications of radiochemistry.

This dedicated training course aims at delivering the basics of nuclear and radiochemistry (NRC) to trainees with chemical background at Master level (chemistry masters or engineers, and/or freshPhD students), who need to extend their skills and knowledge to the field of nuclear and radiochemistry.

The purpose of this course is to provide an overview of the applications of nuclear and radiochemistry (NRC) in analytical chemistry to NRC master and Ph.D. level students and/or analytical chemists without NRC background working in radioanalytical laboratories.

Complex of lectures by Eric Ansoborlo (CEA) on chemistry of radionuclides and their speciation in the environment.

E-Lecture by Dr. Grégory LEFEVRE (CNRS & ENSCP)

The Programmable Autodeposition Lab PAuLa deals with the autodeposition of Technetium on different metal strips. For this purpose, the user can operate a robot arm with which he can dip metal pieces of different nobility in the technetium solution.

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The objective of IonLab is to introduce the basic concepts of chromatography, in particular extraction chromatography, by the separation of strontium-90 and its daughter yttrium-90 via an ion exchange resin.

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In this remote experiment, users can examine different samples gamma-spectrometrically with a High-Purity Germanium (HPGe) detector. The samples are an environmental sample, soil samples from the vicinity of the failed reactors in Chernobyl and Fukushima, a uranium pellet and a sample of Cs-134.

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This e-course contains the lectures of the Winter School at KTH, Stockholm "Nuclear Fuel Characterization" carried out in January 2014. Participants have to complete three main presentations and final badge test to pass this e-course.

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Course consists of lectures by Dr. Damian Axente, University of Cluj, Romania, which are divided into four slideslive video-presentations. A participant must see all four slideslives to pass the course and pass a final test in order to gain the Isotope Separation badge.

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This e-course contains the lectures of the Summer School at Chalmers "Working with Plutonium" carried out in May 2015. Participants have to complete three main presentations and final badge test to pass this e-course. 

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The online lecture deals with the fundamentals of ionizing radiation starting from the structure of an atom via different types of radiation and their detection through dosimetry and natural radioactivity. Each topic is divided into several videos each about 10-15 min, so that it is free to the users based on their foreknowledge and interests where they steps into the course.